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BRINK is a company focusing on marketing and promotion. However, “BRINK is not an ad agency. We are storytellers. We build a goals-focused narrative to introduce your brand to new audiences and most importantly, get results” (, 2016). It has been in business for more than 15 years. The headquarters of BRINK is at 1100 S 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701 (brinkmedia, 2016), where it also has the BRINK studio. BRINK has two satellite offices in LA and NYC, but these offices are not very big. The main business development office of BRINK is at 1516 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, where it also has an event space (


(office in AZ)


The company was founded by Danny Vinik in 2001(, 2016). Its founder focused on online media over two decades. His digital magazine named “The Brink” was established in 1993. “From 1999 to 2000, Vinik was President and co-founder (with Andy Rosen of the commercial production house The Underground) of, an entertainment portal. Uground was a dot com casualty and Mr. Vinik started BRINK from its ashes” (Vinik,D., 2016). Vinik is also a producer and director.  He established a digital magazine “The Brink” in 1993. Then he won the Netscape/Apple Computer QUICKTIME WEB CHALLENGE (w/Darren Clark and Matthew Bardram) in the QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality) category in 1996. From 1997 to 1999, he worked at Muse Films. He was involved in many films including BUFFALO 66 since then (Vinik,D, 2016). He produced SPUN in 2003, The Last New Yorker in 2006, and directed Flor De Muertos in 2010 (, 2016). So he has much experience in film industry.


“The Last New York ” Trailer


Because it is a company which started in 2001, the company is not very big. Now it is run by Danny with the help of 21~50 employees (, 2016).


  • Assets

Vinik also owns BRINK VISION, which is a real independent film distributor. BRINK VISION, “as a direct and visceral response to the institutional inequities of the Hollywood distribution system” (Brink, 2016), focused on both terrestrial and digital independent distribution. It distributed several different independent films on DVD and digital (including Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo), from blood horror films to outstanding micro-budget cinema. For example, its works include horror movie “STOMPING GROUND,” comedy “PARTY TIME” and drama “WHITE CRACK BASTARD” (Brink, 2016).




Vinik also controls BrinkFilms, which is a film making company. For instance, it produced a feature movie SPUN in 2003 which was directed by Jonas Akerlund and starring Jason Schartzman (, 2016).


  • Business model

What BRINK does is beyond advertising. BRINK tries to engage, inspire, instigate and motivate with creative content. “The company utilizes all communication channels available to reach an audience and maximize the return on investment, putting digital front and center” (, 2016). First, BRINK will do some research and analysis to make sure what audience wants to see. Second, it may create the branding and style, such as logo and style guide. Also it can create some digital platforms, such as website, mobile apps and blogs. If it is necessary, BRINK will create some content, like video, photography and social posts. Third, Brink will promote and engage the audience through various channels: email, social media ads, promoted posts, news and etc. Last but not least, Brink will evaluate its works through research and analytics. It can plan the next version and do better than before through the feedback (, 2016).


The movie SPRING BREAKERS is one of the films BRINK did. Before the film had distribution, BRINK had already spread the information about the movie via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr campaigns and an official site for the movie. BRINK packaged content from various platforms and spread the set photo, videos and posters to entertainment industry blogs, celebrity fan site and personal social media accounts. What’s more, BRINK built an online conversation with the community to gain the fans. Moreover, BRINK increased the production company’s name recognition and brand influence (, 2016).


  • Revenue model

The way that BRINK makes money is to help the customers to advertise their works and get the remuneration from them. And BRINK is not only a film and entertainment media marketing company. It also does something about public affairs and advocacy. For example, it created digital menus for El Guero Canelo, a restaurant in Tucson, and got paid by the owner (, 2016).


  • Strategic cooperation

BRINK, KXCI Community Radio & WaveLab Recording Studio formatted the “Tucson Community Media Center” on September 11, 2015. “With the intent to replace the existing, outdated public access television infrastructure, the newly awarded contract to create a new Tucson Community Media Center (TCMC) includes not only continuing community access to over-the-air television, but also an economic stimulus: local workforce development and the marketing of the City of Tucson itself” (Jackson.C,, 2015). Danny Vinik, President of BRINK, says “The TCMC will provide more than content for public-access television, we will be a showcase for Tucson’s creative community, a place for locals to increase their job skills while contributing to our thriving city.”









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