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DistroKid: The New Era of Distribution

Distribution in the music industry is currently in a beautiful state of flux. Only a decade or two ago, all musicians and artists would have to go the old-fashioned route in order to get their music out there. This meant … Continue reading

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National Broadcasting Company: Marketing and Promotion

History The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) was founded on November 15, 1926. NBC began as a joint venture of mass communication pioneers RCA, AT&T, and Westinghouse Electric Corporation, but is now a Comcast subsidiary under the NBCUniversal umbrella. The company … Continue reading

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Post-Production at Elite Daily

In the digital age, online video content covering a wide variety of subjects like lifestyle and music is becoming much more popular on social platforms.  To illustrate this point, ReelSEO stated in November 2015 that 400 hours of video are … Continue reading

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Sirius XM Holdings Radio Distribution

Company Overview: Sirius XM Holdings Inc. distributes over 900 satellite channels and is the largest and most renowned satellite radio broadcaster and distributor in the world, giving their 29.6 million subscribers access to an extensive catalogue of commercial-free media (, … Continue reading

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Cable and Satellite TV Intellectual Property: Portlandia

Background Portland, Oregon, where the food is organic and the mustaches are handlebar; this is the place from which IFC’s show Portlandia draws its inspiration. The show lovingly pokes fun at hipster culture, acting as an satirical social commentary on … Continue reading

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Amazon Video: Marketing & Promotions

“Our vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” (, 2016) Background Amazon, the online video and retail company, is … Continue reading

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Paramount Pictures: The Production Perspective

Nicole Giordano TRF 235: Principles and Practices 2/24/16 Assignment 1, Final Draft                Paramount Pictures Studio Arches Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA   Production: Paramount Pictures History: Paramount Pictures was originally founded as “Famous … Continue reading

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Company Overview: Of the many streaming services in the world of music, the second largest behind the user-generated giant, Soundcloud, is a selective streaming service called Spotify. It was founded in Beta form in Europe in early 2007, and publically … Continue reading

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ABC’s most valuble asset: Shonda Rhimes

A Brief Overview Shonda Rhimes and her Burbank, California-based production company, Shondaland Productions, have become one of the most revolutionary content creators in broadcast television. Shondaland was first conceived when ABC Studios, picked up Rhimes’ pitch for medical drama, Grey’s … Continue reading

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Jingle Punks

In the digital age, the song has more avenues for revenue than ever. Whether it be movies or television or the internet, people are listening to music in more ways than ever before. Such a high demand for music warrants … Continue reading

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