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History and Corporate Structure

In 1979 Lorne Michaels founded Broadway Video Entertainment, Inc. in New York City. Broadway Video is an entertainment and media company that produces and distributes prime time and late night comedic content.  Lorne Michaels started in the entertainment business as the creator of Saturday Night Lorne-michaelsLive, having been hired by NBC to replace the reruns that would air on Saturday nights. Except for a five-year gap from 1980-1985, Michaels has been Saturday Night Live’s executive producer for the entire time that the show has been on the air (Lorne Michaels). Lorne Michaels is the founder and executive producer while Jack Sullivan is the Chief Executive Officer at Broadway Video (

Company Assets

Broadway Video created a ventures department to be in charge and maintain its assets. This department is in charge of creating partnerships, acquisitions, investment, and the joint ventures that Broadway Video engages in ( Broadway Video has investments and partnerships with many technology companies that have a focus on entertainment. One of the investment opportunities that Broadway Video Ventures meerkatengaged in is with a start-up called Meerkat. Meerkat is a smartphone app that allows the user to live stream what they are doing (Flynn, 2015). This allows everyday people to live stream their lives and it also can allow different celebrities to use the app to give their fans insights into their life.  One of Broadway Videos assets is a company called Above Average. Above Average is one of the online distribution sights for original comedic content ( Above Average gives the different content that Broadway Video creates another place to be seen and for money to be made of the product. Since Broadway Video owns Above Average it has a direct link to its own distribution. This means that it is able to not only be in the production side of the supply chain but also enter into the distribution side.

Business Model

Broadway Video Entertainment is broken down into 4 products: television, film, enterprises and post-production ( The television department of Broadway Video focuses on developing programming for various outlets. The television
department has produced shows such as Saturday Night Live, 30Rock, and Portlandia. The film department of Broadway Video is located in Los Angeles. Broadway Video helped to create films like Mean Girls.  The post-production department of Broadway video is the original department of the company. The enterprises department of Broadway Video deals with all the licensing and distribution of the library.  The Post-production office takes the recorded material and completes different editing and effects to create the finished product. Broadway Video post-production works with music, television, film, digital and commercials. Broadway Video Entertainment’s competitors are all post-production companies that are attempting to edit and distribute content for television, film and music.

Revenue Model

Broadway Videos revenue comes from networks and companies purchasing production and post-production services. When a network or company brings its content to Broadway Video for post-production services it will pay a fee for that service. The amount that the client pays is dependent on what it wants done, how big the project is and the time frame that is allowed for Broadway Video to work on the project.  Another revenue stream for snlBroadway Video is through the content that it owns, such as Saturday Night Live. Since Broadway Video owns it in order for NBC to be able to air Saturday Night Live it has to purchase the rights from Broadway Video. Lorne Michaels came up with a new way for him to make revenue from Saturday Night Live by selling sponsored ad placements during the show that he will be able to use to make a profit while still completing the same basic product (Atkinson, 2014).

Other interesting facts about Broadway Video

Broadway Video is working with a newly founded partnership with Aspera to move their data back and forth from their New York office to their Los Angeles office quicker and more efficiently. This partnership will allow Broadway video to complete its projects faster while also utilizing teams from both the New York and Los Angeles offices to produce the best results for the client (, 2015). Along with its recent partnership with Aspera, Broadway Video has also recently launched a Latino-focused digital studio. In a partnership with NCBUniversal Telemundo, it will now be creating and distributing the content targeting the Latino community (Verhoeven, 2015). This partnership will help Broadway Video expands the reach of its product to a different community. By getting the product out to this community they can then hope that this community will come back and utilize some of their other products.


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